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              We’ve done 1000’s of hours of research to save you time and money.

              As featured in:

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              We have 3 core product groups that we are passionate about.

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              Electric scooters help you get around effortlessly. They help you avoid traffic, save on fuel costs and have fun while commuting.

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              E-bikes are a perfect way to commute longer distances, be it in a city or off-road. They are really fun to drive while saving you time and money.

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              Hoverboards are mainly used by kids, but they are actually suitable for both kids and adults alike. Works wonders to get your young one spend more time outdoors.

              Who are we?

              We are Dylan and Cole Sprouse, two brothers from Denver, Colorado.
              Eco friendly transportation is something that we are both passionate about.

              What do we know about tech?

              I (Dylan – on the right), work as a purchasing manager at one of the largest retail electronics stores in the US. My job is to make sure that we serve the best product for our end consumers at the right time.

              Cole (on the left) is a freelance writer for various tech publications (incl. TechInsider, WIRED, Gizmodo). He has published numerous reviews on modern tech products ranging from cars to electric toothbrushes.

              Our mission

              Cole and I have started this site to save you time and money by helping you choose the best electronic means of transportation on the market. We do this based on our own know-how and through deep research.

              For interesting tech related topics, head over to our Blog page.

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